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Cosplay Make Up Guide

Cosplaying is a fun roleplaying adventure, filled with shiny swords, metal armorplates, and long flowing wizard robes. But there's more to it than just having the right cosplay accessories. Some people spend all of their time focused on their wigs and hair, while neglecting the equally important cosplay make-up!

Make-up can be a very amazing part to any costume. An Alucard cosplayer would want a slightly lighter face. Someone wearing a schoolgirl outfit would want to look as young as possible (jailbait, watch out!). And in nearly all cases, you'll want to be as blemish free as possible.

So, what's the #1 cosplay make-up tip? Concealer!! That's right, you shouldn't worry too much about foundation, eye shadow, and powders unless you have a desperate need for them. For most people, concealer is all the cosplay make-up they'll need. With concealer, you simply apply it evenly to blemishes or dis-colored areas. After rubbing it evenly, and smoothing it out thinly, it'll usually make your appearance much better. The only hard part is buying a color that fits you naturally.

After you have a concealer that matches your facial color, it's relatively easy to apply. Most of the time you just blob a very light amount on. Usually less than a pea-sized amount. Think the size of a BB. You'll want to rub it in thoroughly enough that it creates a very thin layer, but rubbing too much will make it flaky and spotty. Remember that it'll be easy for people three to five feet away to notice that you're wearing make up, but it'll still look great in pictures - and that's what matters most.

Going above and beyond

Concealer can be a great start to help make your face look smooth and free of those small blemishes that all of us secretly have. While the right light (natural sunlight) can make us look great nearly all the time, even better makeup can help us look good even in less than optimal conditions by creating shadows and contours in all the right places.

Think carefully about the character you are playing, and search for real humans that may look similar. Study their facial structure and which areas are highlighted. Do they have sunken cheeks or a large jaw? The proper makeups can highlight and emphasize the correct features.

Remember no matter what you do, it is rarely appropriate to try to look like a race you are not. Most cosplayers are not going to be exactly the same as the characters, and it can be insensitive to try to replicate a race that you are not.